Explorers at heart

We’re travelers ourselves. And when we travel, we like to go deep, get our hands dirty, and stray a little (okay, sometimes a lot) off the beaten path. Turns out, that’s exactly where the magic happens. 

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At EBA, we are:


No sales pitches here. We put our clients’ best interests first … even if that means steering you to a destination that’s a better fit for your budget, or steering you away from a place that’s only pretty in the pictures (sometimes Insta-influencers don’t tell the whole story!). We promise to always give it to you straight. 

Always learning

Yes, we’re travel experts, but we also know there’s always something new to learn about a destination (that’s what makes our work so fun!). That’s why we foster connections with trusted partners across the globe, so we know exactly who to turn to to answer our—and your—questions. 

Meet Erika Bodwell

Hi, I’m Erika! Mom to three, total foodie (but not in a snooty way!), and founder of EBA Travel. As a former stay-at-home mom, I’ve traded in my PTA and volunteering days for days spent helping travelers make the most of their vacations.

But packing your bag and hopping on a plane is your escape.

I started EBA Travel not because I love travel—that’s a given, of course.

I did it because I love making people happy.

And travel—confounding, eye-opening, fantastical travel—is a beautiful means to that end.

Because let's face it: on a day-to-day level, we are INUNDATED with work and life and news and ads that just add up to a whole lot of stress. “Happy” isn’t a part of our daily vocabulary (well, if it’s a part of yours, please share your secrets!).

Our job? 

When your day-to-day demands have got you stressed out already, planning your trip shouldn’t add to the overwhelm. My team and I are here to help you “find your happy” the easy way.

From start to finish, we work collaboratively with you to land on your best-fit destination, round out your trip with hands-on excursions that make you giddy with anticipation, and then book and arrange it all for you.

Yes, we’re experts in travel, but through our collaborative planning process, we become experts in what makes YOU happy.

And life's too short to not be happy, right? So go ahead—start packing your bags.

We Got It From Here

My Story

To make your escape as easy as possible

A Few of My Favorite ADVENTURES

get to know Erika


Enjoying a sunset catamaran sailing in Hawaii


Exploring the desert island landscape in Aruba


Spying six rare black rhinos on safari in Zimbabwe


Having afternoon tea at the famous Betty’s in Harrogate, England


Watching the adorable African penguins on Boulder Beach, Simon’s Town, South Africa

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Have More FUN on Vacation

More smiles, less stress. Make memories, not mistakes. Come home happy, not DIY-disappointed. Uplevel your next escape—and “x” out of the million open Google tabs—by leaving it all in our hands. 

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